Categories: 24 May 2012

After a long night of partying BEL, DIRK and SAMMY wake up to find that, while they were crashed out, the world has ended.  Well, it’s in the process of ending, in a very biblical, fire & brimstone kind of way – plague and pestilence stalk the land, the dead have risen from their graves and the living, including our heroes, are facing Final Judgement.

All this Apocalypse stuff puts quite a dampener on the gang’s social lives.  Leaving the apartment is extremely perilous, so our three heroes are forced to spend a lot of time together – not an ideal situation, since BEL thinks that DIRK and SAMMY are morons, SAMMY has a hopeless crush on BEL and DIRK has bad personal hygiene.  In a way they’re just like any other group of 20-somethings sharing a house, with the added complication that they could be torn to pieces by demons or zombies at any time.

But there is still a small chance of saving the day.  It seems that the Apocalypse was triggered by the mysterious Seven Seals. The first six Seals have already been opened (by Dirk, in a moment of supreme drunken stupidity), but until the Seventh and final Seal is broken the world is poised between utter annihilation and the slim chance of salvation.

Will the world be consumed in Hell Fire?  Will our heroes be consigned to Eternal Damnation?  Will DIRK ever do the dishes?  These questions and more will be answered on Dirk & Sammy’s Last Judgement.