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If you were the daughter of a convicted murderer, how would it affect you?

Thirty years ago, Gemma and Kit’s father, Dr Adam Chisholm was gaoled for murdering his wife.

Two  sisters, Gemma Lincoln and Kit Westlake, respond differently  to the violent death of their mother, seemingly at the hands of their psychiatrist father – Kit by becoming a psychotherapist working with potentially violent clients, Gemma by becoming a detective, and later a private investigator.   And now she’s unearthed new evidence that points to the innocence her father has always claimed.
Despite all the flashing red lights, the bitter conflict with her sister Kit, who’s convinced of their father’s guilt, and neglecting the warnings to leave the past in its grave, Gemma reopens her father’s case.
Now a killer is stalking her, a killer for whom she unwittingly opened the door…  a killer who slashes women’s clothes and then the women wearing them…
As her father is released from prison and the two investigations intensify, Gemma ‘s life is threatened by the ghosts and demons she’s unleashed from the past.
Now, the life she must save is her own.

For Gemma Lincoln and her sister Kit, their carefree childhoods were wrenched from them when their father was charged with murdering their mother. Thirty years later he is released, sparking a bitter conflict between the sisters who have never agreed about his guilt.
At the same time a series of gruesome incidents involving slashed women’s clothing escalated into serial murder. Gemma and Kit become caught up in a terror linked to dark secrets.  In a gripping climax that threatens their lives, demons from the past come back to hunt the present.

‘A page turner and an absorbing read. Lord is very good at menace’ Australian Review of Books
‘She writes with compulsive power’ Age
‘effective, harrowing and intense Australian crime fiction’ Sydney Morning Herald