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Cold blooded murder, red hot emotion

A young boy watches fromruns down the hallway stairs as as his family are shot, one by one, at the front door. His eyes catch those of the killer. and for a fractionFor a split  of a second they stare at each other – Hell, what’s the kid doing here? – then before three shots tear into his body.

Private Investigator Gemma Lincoln and Detective Sergeant Angie McDonald take on the case, tracking down the brutal killer, and piecing together fragments of evidence that hint that the shooter might have been a cop.

All theMean while Gemma is dealing with a runaway schoolgirl, searching for a young woman who does not want to be found, and grappling with the biggest question of her life. Who is going to help her find the answer? Or is this something Gemma has to decide on her own?

When Gemma discovers the shocking  identity of the killer, it is a fight to the death.  But this killer is experienced.  Gemma Lincoln is in for the fight of her life.

‘keeps readers turning her pages’ Bulletin

‘Delivers novels of criminal excellence’ Weekend Australian