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Phoenix is adapted from the series of novels by Sydney author Gabrielle Lord, based on the exploits of an ex-cop turned private investigator – Gemma Lincoln. Gemma runs Phoenix Security, an agency whose bread and butter is surveillance for insurance companies and spousal infidelity. But Gemma is a woman whose need to fight injustice stems from a deep wound of her own, so exposing cheaters and fraudsters is never enough. Her close friendship with Det. Sgt. Angie McDonald leads her to dangerous cases, where the criminals are not just cheats but violent offenders of major crimes.

The menacing stories in Phoenix capture the nasty side of city life where troubled and threatened lives are at risk and evil is ever present. Gemma’s sister, Kit, a forensic psychologist, joins her and Angie in a joint mission of exposing the dark corners of the modern underworld. These 21st century heroines are a triumvirate of sexy, intelligent, switched on women who are tough and uncompromising in their approach and, in the tradition of female ensembles, loaded with charismatic punch.

If the adventures of Gemma Lincoln spark your interest read the blurbs to Feeding The Demons, Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing, Spiking the Girl & Shattered and purchase them here.