Categories: 24 Feb 2012

SCHNORKY THE WAVE PUNCHER brings a distinctive surf aesthetic to life in a funny, sun-bleached animated world full of logic-defying strangeness on an island which has a life of its own. We’ll be as likely to disappear into the dream world inside characters heads as we are to shoot out into the middle of the ocean for a surf, or watch a piece of smelly cheese blush with embarrassment. BODGEY ISLAND is a surreal, unpredictable place where nature and the supra-natural exert a power and pull that Schnorky seems to be weirdly in tune with. The animation style will reflect this funny, bizarre yet magical tone.

There‚Äôs no life or death battle between good and evil on Bodgey island. Its neurotic heart beats with a smaller comic drum where the tiniest of eccentricities may take us on an epic journey rich in comedic irony and surprise. But if there’s a simple life-affirming idea powering SCHNORKY THE WAVE PUNCHER it is that the mystery and wonder of life will always outsmart the machinations, schemes and foibles of those who think they can bend it to their will. Schnorky follows his nose, at one with the moment — and his life is consequently one long adventure, though he would never describe it like that, because he just doesn’t think about it that much.