Categories: 09 May 2012

In this groundbreaking series each episode sees Christopher Armitage working with his primary patient from preliminary diagnosis to discharge. Most times he gets it right. Sometimes his strategy is a little weird but it’s his rep at stake – never his patients’ health.
On a pressure cooker acute unit in a public hospital he sees patients with a multitude of mental illnesses: Schizophrenia, Bi-polar disorder, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and PD’s – people with Personality Disorders – Borderline, Anti-Social, Narcissistic – and, er, Dementia.

At 44, he’s prioritised his highly successful career over his family, and his own mental health. Working in a health service that suffers constant lack of funds and staff, and gross failure of government to address teetering services in critical need, drives Christopher to be a relentless agitator for change. And while he’ll prescribe Valium, Prozac and the anti- psychotic meds, he’s convinced that alternatives like counselling, group therapy, psychodrama, yoga and art therapy are more efficacious pathways to recovery.

Not a popular approach among some of his staff – especially when they have cosy relationships with Big Pharma’s drug reps.